Our Online Clinic

You can now receive your therapy online at UK Counselling Online, in real time via video or live chat (like texting), or if you prefer to do this via email, in other words in your own time rather than when we're both online together, this too is possible rather our online messaging service (a form of secure email) . The choice is yours, and you can change format at any time.


To book a session please email info@UKCounsellingOnline.net and ask for more information. This is because working online is quite different and I will need to know that you're comfortable with how we are going to work. I will send you an information pack, and only once I have asnswered all your questions and you have signed a client agreement will we starting working - it doesn't take long to do all this (just a cpuple of email exchanges), but it's important to do this so that we avoid any possible misunderstanding.


When you email me, if you want, you can immediately give me some dates and times for a preliminary chat.

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